Tuesday, December 21, 2010

M. Christmas Movies, Dead or Alive?

As is customary with the holiday tradition, I have been watching the Christmas movies with my children. Like always, frosty manages to not melt and Rudolph finds the path to Christmas, but there is one thing off. When I watch the movies of old, even the disturbing Claymation ones, I notice that they are better stories and by far better done then the newer stuff.
There are several newer age stories that have branched from the original ones and I just don't see how they carry any weight against the ones of old. Possibly it is just my nostalgic look on the old ones, but for a lack of a better term, the new shows are crap.
What is your favorite movie of old and is there a newer one that I haven't seen that is worth it?

My all time favorite live is The Christmas Story and animated is Frosty, I love that snowman.

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  1. Love the old animated Grinch, and the Charlie Brown Christmas. And completely love the George C. Scott A Christmas Carol. we watched the Jim Carey animated one today, and it was okay... but just not up to snuff. And nobody does Scrooge like George C. Scott.