Thursday, January 24, 2013

M. Update

Well, life has been just as crazy as ever. Amy's been plugging away at the books and is doing well on her studies to become a nurse. My new, old, job has slowed down from the craziness that super storm sandy brought... For now.

Between dance practice, wrestling practice, and matches our time has been filled in.

Recently I allowed myself to become obsessed with reading and finishing Game of Thrones - the first book of the Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin, which I absolutely loved. But, even my reading has been slow.

Which brings me to writing. Amy and I have been working on the old stuff, slowly, and are now talking about turning and old idea into a trilogy.

Amy suggested that before we think to even query or publish the first book, we should finish the last book. They are going to be intertwined and maybe we are going to want to add to the first or second as we write the third.

Have any of you ever tried this?

I hope everyone has been well. As always, sorry for not posting more often.

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