Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Happy belated Valentines Day everyone! Mike and I had a very quiet night at home. We found a new butcher in our area and bought amazing filets. I fed the kids early and sent them upstairs for the night after Mike got home. We had a quiet dinner and watched TV together without the constant Mommy and Daddy in the background. It was a great last Valentines Day in our house since it looks like our house has been sold YAY!!

It’s not final yet, and it has been a very quick and stress full process.  We have inspections this week and a settlement date for the middle of March. While I will miss our house and the 3 blocks to the beach, I will not miss the summer traffic and the new house has a great yard and is in the neighborhood I grew up in. We know most of the neighbors already and I feel safe letting the kids out to play and ride bikes.

Hoping everything goes through and let the fun of packing begin!
Also GO GIANTS!  In case you didn't know our family are HUGE GIANTS fans!

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  1. Congratulations on the sale of your house!! That's great, especially in light of the slow housing market. Yay!!