Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A. Things are Kinda Looking Up!

Mike's heath is doing good thanks to a chiropractor. He has been feeling great! He started a new job that he loves and it is so good to see him happy again.  He is driving himself to work again, which has me worried but he feels his healt issues are behind him and I have to believe he would know that better then anyone.

Cameron's health on the other hand is going through a rough spot. His JRA has flared and now is affecting his hip. This means more test, more Dr.'s visit and maybe even more surgery. He is losing weight again and we are not sure why at the moment. He is already a small kid and really can't afford to lose weight. He is getting the sunking in look back. Its really scary to see this. We thought we had things under control.  His doctors are great though so I know they will get him back on track.

Our writing has kind of taking a back seat. We are still writing just not at the pace we were. The Missing is so far our  top selling book and I am very happy with the reviews we are getting.

So things are looking up with a few bumps along the the way but that is excepted.

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  1. So glad everything with the new job for M. is going well. I hope Cameron's health turns around soon!