Tuesday, December 13, 2011

M. A Weed or a Flower?

The other night, my wife and I had to take our daughter, Abbi, to a class for her first holy communion.  It was more of a meeting – dinner included – and a presentation.   To say the least, the evening didn’t start off well and we will leave that for another story.
What struck us as important was, during the presentation, a Priest that neither of us has ever heard spoke.  Now for anyone that has ever been to church or a church function, you say, “Of course he spoke, they always speak.”  The difference was that this time I really listened.
It was more relevant to our situation than anything else we have heard lately that it made me wonder if there really is someone listening.  The main point that he brought was, “You have to embrace the bad times in life to be able to cherish the good ones.”
In a nutshell he was telling us all to take the good with the bad.  Not every moment in your life is going to be great; otherwise you would never recognize a great moment.
So what right?
In the past few years, life has been on a bit of a downward trend.  I became ill in March of 2010, got better for some time, got ill again, changed careers (Thinking I would have a job even when I was ill), lost my job, Amy and Cameron having surgery, and all of the insane life changes and moments that have been happening.
I sometimes feel that my life has been riddled with dandelions.  But, if you really think about it, what is a dandelion, other then a flower.  It’s bright, yellow, and gentle – some may call it a weed, but I am beginning to think that is what he was talking about.  Look at all of the weeds of life and see them as nothing more then a plant or a flower.
If I was to think of it that way, I would see, I became ill, but started writing with the love of my life, I was able to spend time with her unlike before.  I am able to see more of my children – play with them, read to them, do homework with them, see them, go to school plays, sporting events – because I am not stuck at work.
Even more so, I know that I have been ill, but lately I have felt much better.  I haven’t had any symptoms lately and feel and pray that this may have passed.
So, I have some beautiful flowers in my life right now and will take the time to enjoy how they look.  Yeah to the next guy, they may be the weeds of life, but to me they just make the lawn look prettier.


  1. What an awesome perspective! One I wish I could hold onto all the time, but it's hard when life mires you down in whatever the moment is bringing. Thank you for sharing this day brightener! :)

  2. I try to be positive, but it can be tough. Thanks for stopping in Susan.

  3. You know they make wine out of dandelions. Can't be all bad. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this story :) I've been very ill the last two years too. It's not easy, but this gave me a little extra hope. Thank you!

  5. Plus you can make wine out of them. Just sayin'.

  6. (I knew I liked L.G. for some reason)

  7. We all know that wine is one of the key ingredients to staying positive. That's awesome LG, and Bryan, I agree!

    HilyBee, keep your head up.