Friday, November 4, 2011

M. The Death of a Bookstore

Well, yesterday, in an attempt to promote our books, Liberty and Tristen and the Magic Shop, I called our local bookstore.  We figured, why not have a book signing in Cape May during their Hospitality Night at Christmas time.

It really seemed like a great idea, mainly because it stemmed from Amy, the source of all great ideas that we have.  However, when I called them, I found out that sadly our book store is going out of business.  Not only are they going out of business, but all of their stores at the Shore are going under.

That is sad news on more levels then you can imagine.  Not only is it sad because a bookstore is closing and their is one less place to get books, but because Atlantic Books was the last chain of bookstores, within 100 miles of our house.

Depressing right?  What I want to know and I want your opinions about is, do you think that book stores are dying because of EBooks and mail order companies?  Do you think that the Nook and Kindle have killed the local book store or do you think that there is a chance for future bookstores, if they just come up with a new theme and method to market?


  1. Not relevant here but I just read your entry on Janet Reid and wanted to say WOW... Excellent... the winner by far..xx