Friday, February 11, 2011

M. Love's Firsts

Love's firsts....M.A. Leslie.............................

Alone, she sat in the corner. Her mind was on the keys of her laptop as she wrote away and occasionally sipped the latte next to her hand. She didn’t need the caffeine, but it called to her drowsy eyes.

The curtains around her were falling and the gazes from the employees would have told her to pack up and leave, but she didn’t notice. Not until he walked into the room like a catalyst cutting through the silence.

She had spent the prior year barely looking up from her work, but the almond shaped baby blues were inspirational to the point that they required attention. As if researching for her next project, she looked at his tightly wrapped body that housed the gorgeous angelic face.

With cunning in his eyes, he made the barista melt as the words of his order flowed from his tongue. Simple, easy and far from expected, he ordered a straight black coffee and slowly and slightly noticed the gaze from afar.

Like an uncomfortable burning had hit him from her eyes, he turned away and stared to the ground. It wasn’t in his nature to be shy, but something about her poker-straight beauty called to him. It wasn’t the type he sought usually, or the look he strived for, but the eyes caught him.

Like he had known them all his life and he had just woken for the first time since birth, he, like metal to a magnet, walked toward her. Pride pulled away and unlike all of the other times before, he walked to her with a simple hello. However, knowing it would be the first of thousands of words spoken, unlike the time before, he had finally seen and met the coveted one and even though it would make sense to walk away, he couldn’t. Like enamored teenagers on their first date, they sat there in the coffee shop that they had frequented regularly and for the first time and last time, noticed each other.

Happy Valentines